Judge Ross Orders Drug Test and Threatens Dad's Rights to His Children

When DCS threatened to remove his children from the home of his ex-wife, Dan Russell did everything DCS asked him to do. Then six months later when he thought the case would be closed, he went to Court and Judge Ross said to do a drug screen right now or your kids will go into foster care. Mr. Russell asked to be allowed to do an independent test but the judge said no...

Tennessee Family Suffers from Stealing Kids Legally Through the Courts

Adam and his wife Ashley knows what it is like to have their children kidnapped. Even though you might think, it is not the same, they were relatives......the truth is the court system allowed these relatives to legally kidnap the children and keep them from their parents for three years. It took thousands of dollars to recover the children from these thieves.

Iowa Child Welfare Reform Connie Reguli - Part 1

A short segment of an October 2017 Iowa presentation with FUAN

Connie Reguli at the Iowa Child Welfare Reform Forum

Connie Reguli at the Iowa Child Welfare Reform Forum

Connie Reguli Family Forward | Live on Facebook Jan. 2017

Workshop for parents on the dealings of the child welfare agencies and the government taking of children.

Foster Gate - Child Welfare Financial Corruption

Attorney Connie Reguli (TN) and Advocate Jennifer Winn (KS) give the facts and tell the story of the corrupt child welfare federal financing scheme that steals children and re-homes them into forced adoptions.

Taskforce Lawcare Family Law Center | Aug. 2016

Attorney Connie Reguli gives the Indigent Task Force in Tennessee a look into poverty and family dependency court. Parents are not protected in dependency proceedings because of lack of funding, lack of training, and lack of interest.

The Destruction of the Lives of TN Children and Families

In Sullivan County Tennessee, this story of DCS abuse of the system and abuse of children will break your heart. The title IV funding has lead to a total disregard for the value of the family and has placed a price tag on the heads of children.